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贝斯特bst2255官网26fizz.netAbout China FG Composite Material Info Net

China Fiberglass & Composite Material Info Net [] , it is sponsored by China Fiberglass Industry Association and understook, managed by Shandong Bowei Network Info Service Co.,Ltd.
The website invites numbers of renowned scholars as the on-line experts such as Jiang Zhaozhong, the former Chief Engineer Professor, Zhao Qian,Vice-President, who had worked in Nanjing Fiberglass Design Research Institute; ShiBin, the Secretary of Jiangsu Province Composite Material Institute; Huang Yudong,the professor of Harbin industrial university postgraduate hierophant; Wang Jihui, the Professor of Wuhan Industry university postgraduate hierophant and so on, they online answer and settle all kinds of difficult problem that the member units meet during the production, management and developing, at the same time they enter enterprises to service.
bst2255手机版 The website has managed for three years, the visitor quantity reaches 5 mibst2255手机版 llion, it will become the first fiberglass & composite material industry network media in world rank, investment fund, member quantity, website function, foundation time, profession influence in China. We have rich experience in construction,perfection and operation website."China Fiberglass & Composite Material Info Net" and "China FRP Comprehensive Info Net" will be integrated organicly, We also make the cooperation with association for the new development beginning and cooperates widely with related associations,institutes, scientific research units, famous colleges and universities, building all-dimensional, multitiered, stereoscopic information service environment and platform and form " mutual supply and demand service chain", it will make more opportunities and benefits for the members.
We always follow the principle 贝斯特bst2255官网26fizz.netof "That helping customers seize more opportunities and gain benefits to create a brighter future is our real success ", the service systems including: members website office system, commercial platform system, purchase guide system, letters receiving and publishing management system, enterprise news, information release, management system, documents products inquiry system, renowned entrepreneurs and service stars display system and so on, the service terms Including: industry news, market forecast, advantages propagandization, product recommendation,Electronic commerce, network institute, standard and regulations, professional service, famous experts, authoritative interview, expert course, online Question/Answer, conference video recording and so on hundred service items.
We fully utilize the website multimedia form, displays our net video superiority, makes the first brand in fiberglass composite material industry, we strive for the goal "meets enterprises need, surmounting customers need" and make contribution to impel composite material career full development.

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